Zion Baptist Church of Philadelphia

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At Zion we do more than sing our faith. We live it through a strong practical theology.

1. Zion has one of the most beautiful church sanctuaries in the City of Philadelphia and God is surely in the house!

2. Zion is a major spiritual force and politically connected congregation in the City of Philadelphia and around the world with ties to former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, former Presidents of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon and William J. Clinton.

3. Zion is tied to celebrity clergy such as Rev. Jessie Jackson, Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Dr. H. Beecher Hicks, Jr., Dr. William J. Shaw, former President of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc., Dr. W. Wilson Goode, the first black Mayor of Philadelphia, comedians Dick Gregory, Trayvon Martin,  Kevin Hart and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and many others.

4. Zion is one of the most socially relevant and commercially involved churches in the City of Philadelphia. We have ties to over $20 million in commercial interests on North Broad Street at Sullivan Progress Plaza and Haddington Plaza in West Philadelphia.  Through the Leon H. Sullivan Trust, we are integrally involved in the administration of the Leon H. Sullivan Human Services Building on North Broad Street, outreach to elementary schools, YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School, OIC of America and OIC of Philadelphia.

5. Strong Men and Women's Ministries, Youth and Young Adult Social Network

6. Major community outreach church

7. Children's Church During 10:45 A.M. Service

8. Multiple Choirs

9. Strong Deacons, Deaconess and Trustee Ministry