Zion Baptist Church of Philadelphia

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Men's Ministry

Welcome to the Men of Zion Men's Ministry Of Zion Baptist Church of Philadelphia. The Men of Zion are a social network of contemporary, inter-generational men who balance faith, family and Christian fellowship.  At Zion, our men are involved in every facet of church life. We are ushers, greeters, choir members, deacons, trustees, clergy, scout leaders, food bank, volunteers and more.

We informally meet monthly for fellowship and discuss current events, personal concerns, biblical topics, men's health, healing and hope for our communities.

Black Clergy Reaction to the Trayvon Martin Verdict

Clergy Call for Trayvon Martin Day

Commentary on Trayvon Martin Not Guilty Verdict

US Congressman John Lewis Speaks out On the Voting Rights Act and Black Political Regression

The Voting Rights Act

Black Men's Health Resources

Health Power For Minorities


My Brotha, Contemporary Articles on Black Men, Dieting and Fitness


Family Resources


Brotherhood, Locked and Loaded




Video on The Shine Fitness Tracker




Black Enterprise Magazine




Who is Black?


Soledad O'Brien Interview "Black in America"

The Black Middle Class

The Black Upper Class, Defying the Stereotype

Elizabeth Warren, The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

Lecture: How Unequal Can America Get

Lecture by Dr. John Henrik Clark on Spirituality v. Organized Religion

Notes on Men and Women in the Workplace

Iowa Supreme Court Backs the Boss

"Irresistible attraction" of dental assistant Melissa Nelson of Iowa caused the seven male legal panel of the Iowa Supreme Court to back the boss in firing his attractive dental assistant after a ten year stellar employment history. The firing was made according to the dentist to save his marriage.  See ABC story, Dental Assistant Fired For Being 'Irresistible' Is 'Devastated' online.